About Next Level World

What is Next Level World?  It’s a world where the disciplines of artistic design, modern music and fine fashion merge and interact to produce vibrant styles, energetic sound and uncommon contemporary designs.

Our Mission:
The NLW concept evolved from artistic family passions to innovate the world through the mergers of art, music and fashion. Starting as a small business run by a father (Derrick Grant) and son (Julyan Grant) who's shared mission is to encourage the artist in every individual and to showcase that creativity through high quality fashion. NLW is truly wearable art. 

Our History: The visual artist behind NLW, Derrick Grant, left his career as a medical professor to raise a family and pursue his dreams of furthering his career as an established painter. During this journey, his son Julyan, (a talented emerging hip-hop artist), saw the magic in his father’s artwork and was compelled to share this magic with the world. To Julyan, such value was wasted being showcased solely in the family's basement, and soon a family partnership was born to take this dream to the "Next Level". Together, this dream known as Next Level World emerged. Soon thereafter, NLW had the true privilege Shirnett Williamson (Julyan's Mom), joining the team to provide her guidance, financial and investment management and external company exposure, thus giving rise to a fabulous family business. This family team proudly and happily works side by side today. 

Our Goals: In the spirit of our mission, Next Level World delivers a culture that is passionately focused on the encouragement and empowerment of the individual artistic spirit. Promising to encourage creativity, and promote unique concepts and ideas in modern urban fashion, NLW is a pinnacle of creative growth that merges the worlds of fashion, fine art, and music. With a meticulous eye for quality that only a family of artists could provide, NLW's timeless creations provide a brilliant look into the future of fashion. 



 Meet the Team:

Hi! I am Derrick Grant, co-founder of Next Level World, fine artist, and fashion designer. After creating fine art pieces, I reimagine them as I fit them to my own unique fashion patterns to be assembled. It is a pleasure to bring my creations  to others in the form of the highest-quality "Wearable Art".

Hey! I'm Julyan (AKA JENIGMA), co-founder of NLW. I bring creative insight to Next Level World and I am directly involved in designing and marketing NLW's fashion projects. I am also a rapper from Philadelphia,PA. I write music that speaks from the heart about my life and this mystical journey call life.
Hello visitors, Shirnett Williamson here! I am involved in NLW organization and financial management. I keep the artists functioning as a unit, promote networking, and help to showcase our work worldwide.